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Mel Kiper’s 2024 Nfl Draft Top College Football Players Rankings

Mel Kiper's 2024 Nfl Draft Top College Football Players Rankings


As the echoes of Championship Sunday and the anticipation of the Super Bowl linger in the air, football aficionados find themselves turning their gaze towards the horizon of the 2024 NFL Draft. The draft deadline has come and gone, opening the door for a detailed exploration of the talent poised to make a significant impact as they transition from the college gridiron to the grand stage of professional football.

The Pinnacle of Evaluation: Mel Kiper, Jr.’s Insights

A luminary in the realm of NFL mock drafts, Mel Kiper, Jr., has meticulously adjusted his Big Board, providing an insider’s perspective on the standout players irrespective of their positions. While certain rankings have experienced modifications, overarching trends remain steadfast. Notably, a surge in early picks for offensive players and talents emerging from powerhouse conferences like the Big Ten and SEC is on the horizon.

1. Caleb Williams: USC’s Stellar Quarterback

Mel Kiper’s Take: “Williams is a fabulous playmaker, and there are ‘wow’ throws all over his tape, even going back to his freshman season at Oklahoma. He’s incredible at escaping the pocket and making off-platform throws, excelling when plays break down.”

Caleb Williams, the quarterback extraordinaire from USC, emerges as a potential franchise player. Kiper’s appraisal underscores Williams’ ability to deliver jaw-dropping plays, showcasing exceptional skills even from his freshman year at Oklahoma. His prowess in escaping the pocket and executing off-platform throws sets him apart, especially in critical moments of play breakdown.

2. Marvin Harrison, Jr.: Ohio State’s Dynamic Wide Receiver

Mel Kiper’s Take: “Harrison has everything, from outstanding size and stellar hands to incredible body control and blazing speed.”

In the wide receiver realm, Marvin Harrison, Jr. of Ohio State, shines with a comprehensive skill set. Kiper’s assessment highlights Harrison’s exceptional size, reliable hands, impeccable body control, and remarkable speed. These attributes position him as a formidable force in the upcoming draft.

3. Drake Maye: North Carolina’s Prodigy Quarterback

Mel Kiper’s Take: “He looks the part of a big-time NFL signal caller. He can make every throw with ease. He’s accurate on the move and can pick up first downs with his legs.”

North Carolina’s Drake Maye emerges as a quarterback prodigy. Kiper’s analysis paints a picture of Maye embodying the quintessential NFL signal caller, capable of executing every throw effortlessly. Maye’s accuracy on the move and his ability to gain first downs with his legs add layers to his promising profile.

4. Jayden Daniels: LSU’s Dual-Threat Dynamo

Mel Kiper’s Take: “Daniels has rare ability as a dual-threat playmaker. He can evade, elude, and blow by defenders, but he also impressed with the way he can run through contact.”

LSU’s Jayden Daniels stands out with his rare dual-threat capabilities. Kiper’s evaluation underscores Daniels’ capacity to maneuver past defenders with ease, showcasing both agility and elusiveness. Daniels’ ability to run through contact further solidifies his standing as a dynamic playmaker.

Mel Kiper's 2024 Nfl Draft Top College Football Players Rankings

5. Rome Odunze: Washington’s Dynamic Wideout

Mel Kiper’s Take: “I love his combination of size and speed. He’s big, and he knows how to use his body to shield defenders.”

Washington’s Rome Odunze brings a dynamic presence to the wide receiver position. Kiper expresses admiration for Odunze’s blend of size and speed, emphasizing his capacity to use his physique strategically to outmaneuver defenders. This combination positions Odunze as a tantalizing prospect in the draft.

6. Malik Nabers: LSU’s Versatile Receiver

Mel Kiper’s Take: “He has good hands and showed toughness in taking a shot while hauling in a catch over the middle of the field. He tracks the ball exceptionally well. He gets easy separation on cornerbacks.”

LSU’s Malik Nabers showcases versatility in his role as a receiver. Kiper highlights Nabers’ reliable hands, resilience in the face of challenges, and exceptional ball-tracking ability. Nabers’ capacity to create separation from cornerbacks adds a layer of sophistication to his skill set, making him an intriguing prospect.

7. Joe Alt: Notre Dame’s Rock-Solid Offensive Tackle

Mel Kiper’s Take: “He rarely gets caught out. He mirrors well in pass protection, adjusting easily to secondary moves from edge rushers. He does a great job keeping his huge frame between the defender and his quarterback.”

Notre Dame’s Joe Alt emerges as a rock-solid presence in the offensive tackle position. Kiper’s analysis emphasizes Alt’s proficiency in pass protection, highlighting his ability to mirror movements and adapt to secondary maneuvers from edge rushers. Alt’s adeptness in safeguarding his quarterback positions him as a reliable asset in the draft.

8. Brock Bowers: Georgia’s Prolific Tight End

Mel Kiper’s Take: “Though he’s not huge, he’s a matchup nightmare for defenses. He has great hand-eye coordination and run-after-the-catch ability, and he can stretch the field down the seams.”

Georgia’s Brock Bowers brings prolificity to the tight end position. Kiper notes that despite not having massive physical dimensions, Bowers poses a matchup nightmare for opposing defenses. His exceptional hand-eye coordination, ability to gain yards after the catch, and capacity to stretch the field make him a versatile and impactful player.

Mel Kiper's 2024 Nfl Draft Top College Football Players Rankings

9. Olu Fashanu: Penn State’s Dominant Offensive Tackle

Mel Kiper’s Take: “In any other class, he might be the easy pick as the No. 1 overall prospect. That’s what kind of talent he has. Fashanu has the size, footwork, and physical traits teams want in a high-end left tackle. He moves effortlessly and with urgency, getting his hands on second-level defenders with ease.”

Penn State’s Olu Fashanu stands out as a dominant force in the offensive tackle position. Kiper suggests that in a different draft class, Fashanu could easily be the top overall prospect, emphasizing his exceptional size, footwork, and coveted physical traits for a high-end left tackle. Fashanu’s effortless movements and urgency in engaging second-level defenders underscore his elite status.

10. Dallas Turner: Alabama’s Tenacious Outside Linebacker

Mel Kiper’s Take: “He shows flashes of stellar pass-rush moves, and he’s good at shedding blocks in the run game. He always has the physical traits to chase down running backs.”

Closing the top 10 prospects is Alabama’s Dallas Turner, a tenacious force in the outside linebacker position. Kiper highlights Turner’s glimpses of stellar pass-rush maneuvers and proficiency in shedding blocks during run plays. Turner’s innate physical traits position him as a relentless pursuer capable of tracking down running backs.


In conclusion, as the spotlight shifts from the ongoing NFL season to the promise of fresh talent in the upcoming draft, these prospects stand out as potential game-changers. The draft day drama awaits, and football enthusiasts can’t help but anticipate the impact these young stars will make on the professional stage. The 2024 NFL Draft class is poised to inject new vigor and excitement into the league, with each prospect contributing a unique blend of skills and potential to the ever-evolving landscape of American football.

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