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Cubs Recent Bellinger Pivot, Mets Sp Target, Brewers Aggressive Play

Cubs Recent Bellinger Pivot, Mets Sp Target, Brewers Aggressive Play


As the MLB offseason unfolds, the Milwaukee Brewers are making waves with their intention to compete fiercely in the upcoming 2024 season. While trade speculations involving key players like Corbin Burnes and Willy Adames loom, it seems that the Brewers are exploring alternative avenues to fortify their roster. The departure of Craig Counsell has left a void that simply maintaining the current lineup won’t fill. The Brewers, having fielded an average to below-average lineup in the last season, are now on the lookout for impactful changes.

Seeking Offensive Upgrade

One potential move that Milwaukee is considering involves addressing the first base position. Jake Bauers, currently slated as a starter, may not be the ideal long-term solution. The Brewers, known for their strategic approach, are exploring options to elevate their offensive capabilities.

While options like Cody Bellinger are enticing, they might not be readily available. However, there are intriguing alternatives in the market. Carlos Santana, who performed well for the Brewers after a mid-season trade, is one such option. However, recent reports from The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal (subscription required) suggest that Milwaukee is eyeing a different player for the first base role – Rhys Hoskins.

The Rhys Hoskins Factor

Rhys Hoskins, despite missing the entire 2023 season due to an ACL tear, is on the radar for the Brewers. The first baseman is reportedly open to signing a prove-it deal this offseason, presenting an opportunity for Milwaukee to secure a powerful bat. Hoskins’ potential fit in a hitter-friendly park like Milwaukee is an appealing prospect for both parties.

The Brewers, ranking 24th in home runs in 2023, are acutely aware of the need for a power boost in their lineup. Hoskins, if signed on a one-year deal, could prove to be a valuable asset, not only improving the team’s offensive capabilities but also serving as a potential trade chip at the deadline.

Cubs Recent Bellinger Pivot, Mets Sp Target, Brewers Aggressive Play

Calculated Spending for Upside

While the potential acquisition of Rhys Hoskins might require a more substantial financial commitment, it aligns with the Brewers’ strategic approach. Despite a reputation for conservative spending, a one-year deal with Hoskins could be a calculated investment. The move not only has the potential to significantly enhance the team’s performance in 2024 but also provides flexibility for future roster adjustments.

The Brewers, aiming to compete at the highest level, recognize the importance of securing impactful offensive players. Hoskins, with his proven power and the motivation to bounce back after injury, aligns well with Milwaukee’s objectives for the upcoming season.

MLB Rumors: Mets Eyeing 2023 All-Star SP to Strengthen Rotation

The New York Mets, amid a relatively quiet yet productive offseason, are positioning themselves as contenders for the upcoming season. With strategic short-term deals for players like Luis Severino, Harrison Bader, and Sean Manaea, the Mets have fortified their roster. However, the starting rotation, despite notable additions, presents uncertainties that could impact their competitiveness.

The Mets have added quality arms to their rotation, including Severino, Manaea, and Adrian Houser. These additions, coupled with existing talents like Kodai Senga and Jose Quintana, provide a decent foundation. However, questions linger regarding the rotation’s reliability and performance consistency.

Addressing Rotation Concerns

The potential of Kodai Senga pitching every fifth day, Jose Quintana’s productivity at age 34, Severino’s health and form, and Manaea replicating his second-half performance pose legitimate concerns for the Mets. While the rotation holds promise, the presence of multiple question marks necessitates a cautious approach.

In light of these uncertainties, the idea of adding another quality starting pitcher gains traction. Michael Lorenzen, an All-Star in the 2023 season, emerges as a viable option. While acknowledging the Mets’ priorities in securing a designated hitter and bullpen help, adding Lorenzen to the mix could provide additional stability to the rotation.

Cubs Recent Bellinger Pivot, Mets Sp Target, Brewers Aggressive Play

The Lorenzen Proposition

Michael Lorenzen, with his All-Star pedigree, brings a track record of success to the table. Despite his achievements, a potential deal would likely not extend beyond a two-year commitment. Zachary Rymer of Bleacher Report suggests that while addressing other pressing needs should take precedence, adding a proven starter like Lorenzen towards the end of the offseason could serve as a valuable insurance policy.

The Mets, aiming for a Wild Card spot, understand the significance of a reliable starting rotation. While the current additions enhance the team’s potential, the volatile nature of pitching necessitates depth and quality. Lorenzen, available on what is likely to be a reasonable deal, represents a strategic move to bolster the Mets’ pitching arsenal.

MLB Rumors: Cubs Considering High-Priced FA as Cody Bellinger Backup

The Chicago Cubs, despite recent acquisitions like Shota Imanaga and Michael Busch, find themselves with a roster that, on paper, doesn’t match the competitive level of the previous year. The addition of Craig Counsell as the manager is a positive development, but more work is needed to salvage the offseason.

Armed with ample financial resources and a need for a potent bat in the lineup, the Cubs have been linked to the possibility of bringing back Cody Bellinger. While the Cubs have hesitated at Bellinger’s asking price, recent reports from Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic (subscription required) suggest a potential backup plan – Matt Chapman.

The Cody Bellinger Pursuit

Cody Bellinger’s return to the North Side has been a lingering narrative in the Cubs’ offseason. Despite initial reluctance to meet Bellinger’s financial demands, the Cubs remain interested. However, with other teams making alternative moves, the Cubs are exploring contingency plans, and Matt Chapman emerges as a notable candidate.

The Matt Chapman Alternative

Matt Chapman, despite a challenging season with the Blue Jays, is a proven power hitter and a Gold Glove-caliber defender at third base. The Cubs, cognizant of the need for defensive prowess, recognize Chapman’s potential to form one of the best defensive infields alongside players like Nico Hoerner and Dansby Swanson.

While Bellinger undoubtedly offers a higher ceiling, Chapman presents an intriguing alternative. His potentially lower cost and smoother fit within the existing lineup, especially with uncertainty at third base, make him a solid option. If the pursuit of Bellinger doesn’t materialize, Chapman could seamlessly slot into the Cubs’ plans, offering stability and offensive firepower.


As MLB teams navigate the intricate landscape of the offseason, rumors and speculations add layers of anticipation to the upcoming season. The Brewers, Mets, and Cubs, each with their unique challenges and aspirations, are actively exploring avenues to position themselves as contenders in 2024.

The potential addition of Rhys Hoskins could reshape the Brewers’ lineup, providing a much-needed power boost. The Mets, eyeing a Wild Card spot, weigh the option of fortifying their rotation with Michael Lorenzen. Meanwhile, the Cubs, in pursuit of offensive firepower, consider Matt Chapman as a viable alternative to Cody Bellinger.

Baseball enthusiasts await the unfolding of these offseason narratives, knowing that each move has the potential to tip the scales in the competitive landscape of the MLB. As the rumors swirl and negotiations unfold, the stage is set for an exciting season where every decision, whether aggressive or calculated, contributes to the intricate tapestry of Major League Baseball.

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